To make sure all the customers have

enough personal space, we are admitting

limited number of guests.

Please make reservation ahead of time.

In order to serve Course A, B and C,

Please kindly make reservation

by the day before your visit.

For your timely information, such as temporary close

and private event, please refer to SNS.


At HAYAMA Seta-tei, we serve local vegetable and seafood in Franco Japonese, French + Japanese fusion style.

Instead of butter and cream, we utilize Dashi, Soy sauce, Miso and Sesami.

Quiet and relaxed atmosphere, enjoy the Cuisine that is gentle on your body and soul.


Hayama: the location

HAYAMA Seta-tei is located in
Horiuchi district in Hayama.
5 minutes walk from the Morito Beach.
On a clear day, enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji,
compares to none

Generous use of Miura Vegetable

Serving dishes with plenty of vegetable,
mainly produced locally in Miura.
Very easy on your body so that
you can have it everyday

Fresh Seafood with Gentle Japanese flavor

Fresh seafood served with special house sauce.
Enjoy the Cuisine with French-Japanese fusion style.

Chef’s Profile

Ritsuko Seta


After having worked for Imperial Hotel, and a foreign capital audio vendor

and an IT company, Ritsuko studied foundation of French Cuisine at

Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo.  After the completion of a diploma, she went on to work in

an organic restaurant and a French restaurant,  and eventually joined

Bistro Seta-tei in Tokyo where she learned technique of

Cuisine Franco Japonese from Chef Kaneyuki Seta.

During her time there, she also taught a cooking class and assisted TV cooking show.

Summer in 2013, she worked as a trainee at Bistr’eau Ryon in South France,

then in May 2015, opened HAYAMA Seta-tei in Hayama, Kanagawa


If you wish to have the course A,B and C,

please make reservation a day ahead of your visit.

◆Course (available both in lunch time and dinner time)

A Course \3,200 (incl. tax, no service charge)

Amusement/Appetizer(Seafood Marinade)/Today’s Seafood or

Grilled Pork Loin/Dessert  (a choice from 3)/Coffee or Tea

B Course \4,300 (incl. tax, no service charge)

Amusement/Appetizer(Seafood Marinade)/Seasonal Soup/Today’s Seafood or

Stewed Beef Cheek in Red Wine source/Dessert  (a choice from 3)/Coffee or Tea

C Course \6,400 (incl. tax, no service charge)

Amusement/Appetizer(Seafood Marinade)/Seasonal Soup/Today’s Seafood/

Beef Cheek Bourguignon or Wagyu Beef Filet Steak (option +\1,880)

/Shinshu Azumino Soba/Dessert  (a choice from 3)/Coffee or Tea

Lunch Set available during Lunch Time

@ \1,800(incl. tax, no service charge)

Cup Soup/Mini Salad/Main Dish Selection (Cabbage Rolls Gratin with Tomato source,

Today’s Seafood, Cream stewed Chiken and Mashroom)/Seasonal Sorbet)



The red door is the landmark. Relax in warm shower of daylight and orange lit space at dusk



There is an exhibition of a local photographer, Ryuichi Oshimoto, in the restaurant



541-19 Horiuchi Hayama-machi Miuragun, Kanagawa

By Public Transportation

Take Keikyu Bus [逗11] or [逗12] from JR Zushi Sta. for 13 mins. Get off at Motomachi Bus Stop, from which 3 mins walk


Yokohama-Yokosuka Express way to Zuyo Shindo, Route 134 and 311 Prefectural Road.  11 mins drive from the exit of Zuyo Shindo

*There are a parking for 2 cars (priority for reservation customers)

*when our parking is full, please use public parking (toll)